Brandon Harrill

Knoxville School for Disc Golf is that next step you need in furthering your disc golf game. Whether you want to work on form to beat friends or work on strategy attacking courses to help you win tournaments. 

Here at Smoky Mountain Discs we can not say enough good things about Brandon. His knowledge of the game and unique methods to helping players meet AND exceed their goals improving their game is exceptional.

Brandon is a professional disc golfer from Knoxville, TN and has a passion for teaching others. Brandon has a deep understanding of disc golf mechanics and regardless of your current skill level we KNOW he can help you improve your game. When you want or need help fixing your form, gaining distance, honing your accuracy or learning shot selection Brandon at Knoxville School of Disc Golf can help! Don't wait, don't stay frustrated with your game contact Brandon and book a session to change your game for the better today!

Book a session by calling: 865-660-9631

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