We regret to inform you that our meeting with the Roane County Parks and Recreation Committee did not go as we had hoped. The department was unwilling to reconsider their position on the new rules and pricing for running a disc golf event in their park.


This has forced us (in agreement with the Roane County Disc Golf Club)

to CANCEL the Iron Pig Tournament.


We want to also give you the information that we presented to the board

and information we learned at the meeting so you have a

clear understanding of how the Iron Pig tournament 

benefits Roane County and why the department made these new rules.

Information we learned

The new rules were created and brought before the board at their last meeting of the year (2019) on the sole part of Parks and Rec. Director Mike Beard.

There were NO formal complaints about our event to the parks department or to us about our temp holes (holes 17 & 18 which are signature to our tournament), parking issues, walkers feeling endangered/inconvenienced or any other complaint about the event.



Information we presented to the board


Over the 3 tournaments that we have held at Roane County Park: 

255 players attended the events

- 221 of those being non-locals.

- 42 cities within the state of Tennessee were represented

- 12 different states were represented

According to Roane Tourism our 1 day event with 80 non-local attendees brings $28,000 into Roane County. With all three events totaling $77,350 all brought into Roane County by non-local attendees

(Note that all three events happened over 8 months.)

Iron Pig - November-2018

Iron Pig II - April-2019

RoCo Open - June-2019

We showed the board our layout map and explained the changes we make and how we feel that those changes are necessary when running an event of this size. We explained with the original design of the course it is not conducive and creates flow and safety issues when that many players are on the field at one time. We also discussed how many holes on the original layout are more of a  safety issue than the temp holes 17 & 18 at the Iron Pig.

The board decided among themselves that they would put a motion forward to vote that the price increase would remain and if we were to use our temp holes we would have to provide 4 safety people (2 on temp hole 17, 2 on temp hole 18) equipped with hi-vis vest and flags to stop walkers and joggers anytime play was in progress.

We did not agree with this vote nor were we asked if these changes were ok with us to move forward with the tournament prior to their vote. After the vote, which passed, we attempted to continue to discuss and sway the board to reconsider but we were dismissed from the meeting.

We feel that this sets a dangerous precedent for disc golf in Roane County.

These new rules are the new standard for ANY disc golf event held at the park and the 

Director Mike Beard was clear to say that the new rules would not be bent for anyone.

We feel this is dangerous especially for the local club and the growth of disc golf in this area.

There is nothing stopping the park from charging Roane County Disc Golf Club

to run their weekly singles, doubles or other club events. 

If you would like to voice your concerns about these new changes

please stand with us and the Roane County Disc Golf Club and let your voice be heard!

Contact the following people on the Parks and Rec. Committee and County Commission

who are aware of these rule changes and issues to voice your concerns.

Ron Berry - Chairman - 865.354.3445

Darryl Meadows - 865.250.6308

Allen Hickman - 865.399.5292

Ben Gann - 865.250.9534

David Brashears - 865.659.2311

Mike Beard - Parks and Rec. Director - 865.882.2640

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