Started in 2017 Black Bear Putting league is the original putting league in our area!

This year we will be partnering with Orange Hat Brewing on Hardin Valley Road to bring you the next season of Putting League!

Beginning Thursday August 5th and going 8 weeks to September 30th

Each Thursday we will begin signups at 6:15pm and start at 7:00pm


League is $5 per player with $4 of the $5 going to payout to the top 3 teams each week.

Entry is paid each night with CASH ONLY.


The format is random draw A-B doubles playing two rounds. There are 6 stations in each round. Stations are positioned at various distances and have different challenges as well. At each station you and your partner will putt 2 putts each and tally the total with the maximum total of 6 points per station.


Outside of your team you're fighting to be the best individual putter in your pool (A or B) for the season.

Your individual points are added up each week and recorded below in the "standings" section.

The players at the end of the season with the most points will receive a trophy and ETERNAL GLORY!

If you can't make each week don't let that get you down because the Championship is worth double points! 


1 putt made = 1 point

2 putts made = 3 points

*points are per station giving your team the chance of 6 total points per station*


The top 3 teams are paid out in cash at the end of the evening.

Orange Hat Pint Race:

  On top of the putting competition Orange Hat will be running a Pint race for our league!


Bar staff will be tracking pints purchased for each individual player during league play days. Be sure to inform the Beertenders working, who you are, when ordering a beer. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to let them know for tracking purposes. In order for a beer to count towards the pint race, it must be 6.5% ABV or lower. Pints for team spectators do not count. Only active players count.


- If a player purchases beers for another player, the pint will count for the player that paid.

- Drinks purchased before/during/after your scheduled game on the day ONLY that you play will be tallied towards the Pint Race. Discounted wooden nickel pours do not count towards the pint race.

- Beers purchased other days of the week will in general not be counted, UNLESS an

announcement on social media presents a “Bonus Pint Race Day”! Bonus Pint Race Days will randomly be announced on social media throughout the season where pints purchased that day will additionally count towards your pint race tally.

- Togo beers including Growlers and Crowlers will NOT be counted.

- Pint Race participants must drink responsibly. Plan a safe ride accordingly should you consume an unsafe amount for travel. OHB staff will be monitoring players as they do all customers when it relates in intoxication. OHB staff will cut off players and close bar tabs if needed.

Pint Race winners will receive:

1st place will receive 35 Beer Tokens

2nd place will receive 20 beer tokens

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