Black Bear PDGA League is the original PDGA league in the Knoxville/Maryville area. A PDGA league is a 6-10 week SANCTIONED singles league with rated rounds!


This year we will be moving from (2) 6 week league installments

to (1) 10 week installment.  

League begins Thursday, June 11th, 2020

You can sign up for each week individually below and even though we do encourage pre-registration you WILL be able to sign up day of. Each player will also have to agree to a player waiver below in regards to COVID 19 to participate. 

EVENT PARTICIPANT COVID-19 WAIVER: "I understand that participation in this event carries with it risk of injury or death and I, on behalf of myself, my heirs, administrators, executors, and assigns expressly release, forever discharge, and hold harmless Black Bear PDGA League, Kevin Harris, Smoky Mountain Discs, Tournament Staff and the PDGA (the "Releasees") for all personal injury, loss, damage to property, or death in connection with my participation in this event. Further, I understand and acknowledge that there currently exists a global pandemic associated with the disease COVID-19, that I am participating in this event at my own risk, that any safety precautions designed to protect against the spread of COVID-19 undertaken by the Releasees does not guarantee I will not contract COVID-19, and that, the foregoing notwithstanding, it is my specific intent to affirm my foregoing release of the Releasees with respect to any personal injury, loss, damage to property, or death I may experience from COVID-19 in connection with my participation in this event."

If you choose to sign up day of please bring exact change if possible or you can PayPal us that night.


All Divisions - $8

Optional Ace Pool - $2 (any ace pool money left over after the final week will be donated to the American Legion Disc Golf Course Fundraiser) 

*NOTE* - As always for PDGA league payout will be via PayPal. So if you don't have a PayPal account sign up and get one today!

If you signup and are a no-show your refund is subject to up to a $2 refund fee.

Sign up for each individual week below:

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